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Can you really make money writing articles for Squidoo ? This is the question that I asked my self over a year ago. I've received several payouts from writing online , however this is not a "how to". I'm just simply sharing my journey with you. If by chance, I happen to build wealth and change my status to Guru, I will update this lens to reflect that.

First things first. It's a slow and arduous process if you have limited
knowledge with HTML and SEO. You might want to research these terms, like I did, before you decide to write an article for Squidoo. I now have a functional knowledge of both, from blogging and creating various other social networking accounts. After I gained this information it was time to do some Squidoo research. This's what I'm sharing within this lens. All of the things that are helping me along the way.

Get Paid To Write Online 

The Many Ways I Write To Earn

Here are a few ways that I promote in order to get paid to write online:

1. Blogging- This was a no brainer for me. Even though, I don't consider myself a " writer ", I have a strong urge to get my thoughts out. Blogging helps me with this. It doesn't hurt to mention a Squidoo lens, or two, in my blog post either :)

2. Twitter- Every time I update a lens, I click that " Twitter " button that shows up after publishing. I haven't seen to much traffic this way but, I figure it couldn't hurt.

3. Facebook- Facebook brings me a good amount of traffic. I have a group on there with over 400 members, They like to get in on the action when they see something that interests them. There's a Facebook button, that shows up after you publish too.

4.Ezinearticles- Perhaps my least favorite but, I do see traffic from it. I may do an article for this lens in the near future. I put my link at the end of the article to entice readers to find out more. Just don't give too much information in the article, you want the reader to click the URL to be redirected to the lens.

5. Youtube- This is my favorite source to promote anything. I have around 2700 subscribers and they enjoy my articles on Hair and Skin. There's also a " Bulletin" feature that allows you to send all of your subscribers a short message. I usually slip a Squidoo link in there.

You can get paid to write online with various sites. Squidoo, just happens to be one site that actually pays!

Amazon Links In Your Online Articles 

Get Paid Commission of Amazon Products With Squidoo

If I only knew the power of adding Amazon modules to my online articles when I first started. Gosh, when I think of all the potential sales that I could have made. Ugh! Well, I can't cry over spilled milk!

I've been editing my old lenses to include amazon links and modules. It only took a few days for my top traffic lens to start receiving sales. If you have a " How-To" lens then you can include the products that will help you achieve the results that the reader has sought out to gain information about. However, some people are compulsive shoppers so, they may click on anything that interest them.

Another great thing about amazon modules is that you get sales even if it's not directly related to your lens. For instance. If someone comes to my Shea Butter Lens, and decides to look at shoes before they check out..... I get a commission off of that as well! Yes, I say It's a great feature indeed. To bad I overlooked this in the beginning. I hope you learn from my mistake!

Adding amazon links to your online articles will help you get paid commission off of the sells make with Squidoo! It's well worth it!

Get Paid With PayPal For Your Articles 

Squidoo Payments Get Paid To Write

Get Paid With PayPal For Your Articles.Solution Graphics
Every month, Squidoo sends money to my Paypal account. I really enjoy receiving my payment this way. It's easy, fast and secure, just like the PayPal website says:)

PayPal even gives out debit cards....which I looooooove! I take my PayPal debit card to the store and shop with my squidoo earnings.

Squidoo Payments - Get Paid To Write

Generally, Squidoo pays you before the 15th of each month. I usually get my payments a few days before the fifteenth. Paypal sends me an email to notify me of a new transaction.

If you want to learn more about Squidoo Payments and PayPal visit Squidoo Payments FAQ

Join Squidoo And Get Paid To Write 

Writing Articles Join Squidoo

Like anything, you get out of it, what you put in. I enjoy writing. It was easy to join Squidoo and get paid to write in my spare time.I have no training as a writer and I consider myself " a work in progress" I do however, have a passion for helping others. What are you passionate about? When you think of something, write a lens about it. It's just that simple!

The great thing about being new to Squidoo, is that you learn alot from a very helpful community. There's many resources readily available from actual successful lensmasters. If you decide to Join Squidoo in order to promote a business, earn commission on products, or just to share information-----before you go, please rate, leave a comment in the guestbook and bookmark this lens for updates. I'm a work in progress, and I look forward to sharing the rest of my Squidoo Lens journey with you. Now happy Squidoo Lens making!

P.S- If you already make money Writing Articles, then Squidoo can be a way of promoting your already established articles. This is a great way to backlink!

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