Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hubpages Review

This is my 7th week at hubpages. During this time period I've created 30 hubs. I was also awarded 2 hubnugget awards and 4 accolades. My hub score is 92 today, and I have a goal to reach 100 by the new year.

I aim to create one hub a day. Usually my articles are between 350 and 500 words. My hubs that are on a wide range of topics. A few of them are for a specific blog that I own, and serves as a backlink.

The added bonus of earning revenue from adsense through hubpages gives me the incentive to continue to create more hubs.

I find the community friendly and extremely active. The forum is easy to access and always full of online members. This is not so with Squidoo. I find Hubpages very engaging and down right fun. While I'm editing a hub I drift over to the forum to read up on tips to gain more traffic and recognition.

I will update this post with my earnings as soon as I figure out how to track them :)

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