Tuesday, March 22, 2011

EzineArticles Is It Worth It For Traffic? REVIEW


I first heard about EzineArticles when I first started creating squidoo lenses. Many successful squidoo lens authors attributed some of their traffic success to the links that they left over at EA. 

I currently have 10 articles live and although I can't say that there's a ton of traffic coming from EA, I can say that it has potential. 

Of, course my most popular articles are the oldest. Just like anything online it takes time for content to mature. 

It's a useful tool for getting backlinks but, the work that goes into creating an article for each lens or hub can be tedious. I'll continue to post at EA but, not as much as the Guru's suggest.

L.S. King

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About L.S. King

LSKing is a stay at home mom of three. After creating a few blogs, LSKing decided to write for other platforms such as hubpages, ezinearticles, and squidoo.
You can also find her on youtube where she creates videos on hair care and beauty.
LSKing aspires to work full time from home in order to care for her family. .
If you're seeking a freelancer or ghost writer, please send your offers along with a description of the assignment.

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