Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Google Panda Has Writers Leaving Hubpages?

Today, ( after a long and much needed hiatus from hubpages forums ) I discovered that many of the top performers have left. Google put the smack down on Hubpages and many other 2.0 content farms. Why did everyone jump ship so fast? Is it the fear that their earnings will never return to what they were? Let me give you my point of view......

It' been a little over a year for me on Hubpages, and I'm not really earning enough to care. It's common knowledge that it takes months ( some say years ) to earn a decent amount of money from Hubpages. So why would I stay? It's simple.......for back link juice!

So with that being said, I will remain faithful to hubpages and wait out the Google smack down.

Check out this article about the Google Panda Update By Clicking Here!

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